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The following depicts what the Canada Cyber-Safe journey will be like from the initial enquiry through our site or our certified vendor to the completion and certificate of Accreditation for your Business.

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Firstly - Sign up through the Home page on this website or contact a certified Vendor that is listed on our Vendor page of this website. its that Simple! If you need More Information then just Contact Us!

Stage 1

Our Certified Team will contact you, once you have paid the Accreditation fee. They will give you a Questionnaire to understand your Business and follow up with any further information need.

The GAP Analysis

Our Technical experts with analyse your current state and will define what is needed to get your business to the Canada Cyber-Safe Cybersecurity and Data protection Requirements.

Stage 2 - Policy & Learn

We will work with your business to implement the required Policy and Education for your employees and management to achieve a secure and protective environment. We have the experience and knowledge!

The Right Controls

From our gap Analysis, we can now implement with your Business, the right level of physical and cybersecurity controls that will keep your Data and Business Protected for the long term!

Stage 3 - certification

After ensuring your business is integrated with the protection and you as a Business are confident and we have tested for Cybersecurity and data Protection & Privacy Baseline Standard - You are awarded Accreditation and our Logo!

Pricing Table

Our pricing strategy for Canada Cyber-Safe is very transparent and succint. Our aim is to ensure that accreditation is attainable, cost effective and it protects your business and your employee and customer personal data and systems.


  • Freelance or Consultant
  • Minimal Personal Data
  • Cloud or Email data Storage
  • Only Few laptops / devices
  • No established Policy or Controls

UP To 50 Staff

  • Small Business
  • Minimal Personal Data
  • Cloud or Internal Network
  • Small Array of Devices
  • Minimal Policy or Controls

50-500 Staff

50-500 STAFF
  • Medium Size Business
  • Lot of personal data
  • Cloud / ON Prem Corporate Network
  • Lot of Corporate Devices
  • Standard level of Policy & Controls


  • Data Centric or Large Business
  • Extensive Personal Data
  • On Prem / Cloud Combination
  • Large array of devices
  • Mature level of policy

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Canada CYBER-SAFE AccREDItation

Your Business Threat is Global

The threat from Global State Threat Actors and Opportunistic Hackers is a Global Issue as Cyber Space is active from any location on our Planet. Business organisations and Business within supply chains are being attacked on a daily basis and being probed for weakness by Threat Actors around the globe - Lets get Canadian Business to a baseline Standard to prevent and deter these attacks and causing reputation and Monetary damage to Canadian business. This starts with you signing up for CANADA CYBER-SAFE!


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