Canadian Cybersecurity & Privacy National Accreditation to Make your Canadian Business Cyber Safe!

The Canadian National Accreditation scheme ensures a National baseline level of cybersecurity and privacy across Canada's business organisations. Built upon the success of International Frameworks such as EU GDPR and NIST (USA) it’s proven to be an extremely effective framework for organisations to protect the data of their customers, users and employees. This ensures your business has everything in place to protect against  ransomware attacks and reputation data breaches. This also ensures your employees have the education and support to ensure preventative 'Best Practice' in Cyber Security & Privacy. This gets Canada's Business Cyber Safe!

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Successful and safe Business become Canada Cyber Safe

Most Canadian Businesses do not have any credible ability to protect against opportunistic  ransomware attacks or subsequently know what to do, if this happened. Phishing & malware emails are increasing exponentially across Canada and Business organisations are currently losing Millions of Canadian Dollars due to lost downtime and more importantly reputation lost with their client base. It is important to get your business to a standard baseline protection in cybersecurity and data protection and proudly show your clients that you are Canada Cyber Safe!

Paul Waschuk BEng CIPP/C

Chief Privacy Officer

Canada Cyber-Safe 

What will you expect to achieve and get implemented when you sign up for the Canada Cyber-safe Accreditation scheme - Well here are the highlights!

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Integrated Policy

To provide adequate Cybersecurity and Data Protection policy that takes an integrated approach to your business. All policy documents will be tailored to your buisness to ensure baseline compliance

Security Controls

Adequate and smart security controls will be recommended to ensure your Business has the correct level of mitigation and protection against cyber attacks and data protection defence measures

Gap Analysis

From the secuirty questionnaire provided, our specialists will analyse and provide details of the Gap Analysis to define a short term plan and long term plan for continous improvement to secure and protect data


Our Experts will provide specific advisory in relation to your organisation set-up and advise to harden your network or applications and to move towards a Zero trust Environment to ensure an exemplar security environment

Employee Education

Exemplare trainig material will be provided with subscription to Canada Cyber-Safe online Cyber Security and Data protection & Privacy training. Online Forum can support your employees that have questions around the training experience

Business Continuity

Business continuity is important in every business organisation. Especially when you are hit by Ransomware or other attack. Our experts will outline the buiness continuity plan specific to your environment

About Us

Professional Team

Our professional team of cybersecurity experts, data protection & Privacy Advocates are here to bring your business organisation up to the baseline standard and to protect your business and your employee and clients personal data against attack & breach.


About Us

Canada's Cybersecurity and Data Protection Accreditation

The Team at Canada Cyber-Safe have decades of professional knowledge and experience in cybersecurity and data protection & Privacy. Our leading Scientists and Specialists have designed this accreditation with an integrated approach framework to ensure Canadian Business can reach a standard baseline of protection against ransomware attacks, data breach, business continuity and key cybersecurity controls. Our accreditation ensures your 'Gap Analysis' provides policy, controls, employee education and Cyber leadership, so your business can be confident and secure.



We give you the best Protection for your growing business

The correct Policy, Controls and Education to ensure your employees and Business protects your Data and keeps your systems Cyber-Safe! against malicious attacks
Flexibility and an integrated approach
As a business you don't need disruption or stifling controls of your business. That is why Canada Cyber-Safe takes an integrated approach to your business - so security flows with your business process rather than against but protects!
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Ransomware Attacks on Canadian Business

Annual Report:

From 2015 to 2021 the growth rate grew +90%

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Our Team at Canada Cyber-Safe are professionals, specialists and academics who have created a national framework (Canada Cyber-Safe Accreditation) that will bring all Canadian Business up to a Standard baseline that will give protection and business continuity. All of our team have been either founders or disruptive innovators in International and Federal Cybersecurity and Data Protection & Privacy Frameworks such as EU GDPR, NIST, UK Data Protection Law 2018, HIPAA and ISO Standards across information security, Cybersecurity and business continuity. Our Team wants to make the difference for Canada!

Our Canada Cyber-Safe Accreditation Team

image 2
Jane Mayhew

International Cybersecurity Expert & Privacy Advocate

Dr. Jane Roy

Professor in Cybersecurity legal Compliance

paul waschuk
Paul Waschuk

Chief Privacy officer and Canadian Privacy Expert

Henry Cole

The 'White Hat' Hacker and Cyber Subject matter expert

Cyber-Safe Accreditation Pricing

Our Pricing strategy for Canada Cyber-Safe is very transparent and succint. Our aim is to ensure that accreditation is attainable, cost effective and it protects your business and your employee and customer data or systems.


  • Freelance or Consultant business
  • Stores minimal Personal data
  • Cloud data and email Storage
  • Only a few desktops or laptops
  • No established policy

Small business

Up to 50 Staff
  • Small Business
  • Stores Minimal Personal data
  • Cloud storage or internal Network
  • Small array of devices

  • Minimal policy



50-500 Staff
  • Medium Size Business
  • Stores a lot of personal data
  • On Prem or Cloud Solutions
  • Corporate Network of devices
  • Basic to standard level of policy


Over 500 Staff

  • Data Centric or Large Business
  • Stores extensive personal data
  • On Prem or Cloud or combination
  • Large array of devices
  • Standard level of policy

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What People Say

At Canada Cyber-Safe it is in our 'DNA' to understand and ensure that the Canada Cyber-Safe Accreditation is working well for Canadian Business and driving success through protection and the assurance to their customers that their business is Cyber-Safe!

As a small business that is data centric, my clients needed constant re-assurance about our ability to secure their data. Now we have got Canada Cyber-safe, my clients are now confident and follow our lead.

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Mark Knight

As a marketing Director the accreditation process was explained extremely well and simply. This is now a Business asset as it sets us apart from other business that have not gone through Canada Cyber-Safe accreditation. Our tender success has increased due to our compliance score.

profile 1
Louise Lavoie

Exceptional process that has given our company an advantage in the market as customers want to know their data has a level of protection rather than just trusting a salesman that it has. We display our Canada Cyber-safe logo with pride now!

profile 3
Tom Struyk 
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