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Canada's Cybersecurity and data Protection Accreditation for Business organisations

Most Canadian Businesses do not have any credible ability to protect against opportunistic  ransomware attacks or subsequently know what to do! if this happened. Phishing & malware emails are increasing exponentially across Canada and Business organisations are currently losing Millions of Canadian Dollars due to lost downtime and more importantly reputation lost with their client base. It is important to get your business to a standard baseline protection in cybersecurity and data protection and proudly show your clients that you are Canada Cyber Safe!

Join! The Accreditation Process to make your Business Organisation - CANADA CYBER SAFE
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We Give You The Best Protection For Your Growing Business

The correct Policy, Controls and Education to ensure your employees and Business protects your Data and keeps your systems Cyber-Safe! against malicious attacks
As a business you don't need disruption or stifling controls of your business. That is why Canada Cyber-Safe takes an integrated approach to your business - so security flows with your business process rather than against but protects!
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Ransomware Attacks on Canadian Business

Annual Report:

From 2015 to 2021 the growth rate grew +90%

The Canada Cyber-Team is made up of global leading Subject matter experts and Academics that have worked on International Cybersecurity and Data protection Frameworks. We also have many Business Leaders who feed into our organisation with valuable feedback on Canada Cyber-Safe to ensure Quality Protection and the struggles of Business Organisations around the understanding of Cybersecurity and its risks.

Our Team

Mike Loughlin

International Cybersecurity Expert & Privacy Advocate

Dr. Jane Roy

Professor in Cybersecurity legal Compliance

paul waschuk
Paul Waschuk

Chief Privacy Officer and Canadian Privacy Expert

Henry Cole

The 'White Hat' Hacker and Cyber Subject matter expert


The Canada Cyber-Safe Team have reached out to the Global Academics and subject matter experts in global cybersecurity frameworks and Business leaders. We have found that they all agree! that Canada needs an Accreditation for Business Organisations to reach a baseline standard in Cybersecurity and Data Protection & Privacy that protects their Business, Employees and Clients data and prevent millions of Canadian dollars lose in reputation breach and downtime from such Data breach and Ransomware attacks

We have seen Europe go through sweeping changes in comprehensive data protection law such as EU-GDPR that has ensured that European Business have a responsibility and accountability to their Clients. This is coming to Canada and North America! Canada Cyber-Safe will get you there ready but protect your business from Attacks.

Sir Jeremy Gill

an Exceptional Accreditation scheme for Canada, that currently is seriously lacking from any entry Scheme that improves the capability of buisness to protect their data assets and mitigate liablity from a Data breach. I personally recommend Canada Cyber-Safe to all Canadian Business.

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DR. Jan Thompson

Having been lucky enough to travel across the world and work with many International Governments and security Agencies. Canada is has now made the leap to having a World-Class Cybersecurity and data Protection Accreditation that will make our Business Cyber Ready and attracting business through Tenders - due to Canada Cyber-safe!

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Eric Parker-Marks
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